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“The business landscape looks different when you understand your brand is at the mercy of your employees. - Barb Minkel-Dusek, Management Consultant, AssetHR”

your people are your brand

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Build a Strong Brand: Tell the Story. Be Consistent. Communicate with Style!


Dan Day pioneered the concept of "Brandtenders," who are employees interested in their company's brand. He can show you ow to tend to your brand, from the inside out.

Your people + your culture = your brand.

The result? A potent combination of employee engagement, customer service and marketing that leads to aligned employees, engaged customers and more revenue.

In his latest book, Brandtender Marketing: True Customer Engagement from the Inside Out, Dan helps businesses transcend their competition by growing their brand through people.

Dan has been a featured presenter at companies of all sizes, many association events and universities.

You will never view the people who work for you as simply “employees” again.

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