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“It helps us maximize the existing investment in employees, who
can cost-effectively become our ‘marketing army."
- Randy Sampson, President & CEO, Canterbury Park

your people are your brand

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JoAnn Day

About Dan Day: Dan Day is the founder of Brandtender Marketing®, a truly unique concept and organization helping companies capture market share through their people. His book, Brandtender Marketing: True Customer Engagement from the Inside Out, helps businesses understand and deliver on the premise that 'your people are your brand'.

Dan spent years helping companies improve their customer-marketing efforts through traditional types of programs—until he realized it's not advertising, branding and marketing that make a company successful. It's the people. He is a brand expert and featured presenter at events, universities and companies of all sizes. Dan was a Division VP with BI Worldwide, and member of BI's executive team when the company was awarded the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

About JoAnn Day: JoAnn Day works with companies of all sizes to understand and address key business issues facing them. She founded The People Difference to help clients in the areas of customer service, cultural competence, employee engagement, leadership, presentation skills and sales development. Her credo: People make the difference.

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Brandtender Marketing by Dan Day
The Book That Turns Marketing Inside-Out

“This concept validates my belief that front-line employees are the most important people we have to build relationships that help customers enjoy their experience. The book outlines employee-customer encounters that go from great (‘Unforgettable’) to disastrous (‘Unforgivable’), a powerful reminder to me how day in and day out, employees are important to the success of any business. We have an employee recognition program tied into the customer experience, and we’re using what we learned from the book to take that initiative a step further. Day explains that no two companies have the same employee dynamic, which provides an ‘unduplicatable differentiation’ from anyone we compete against—if we learn how to leverage it.

“I recommend this book to anyone looking for new ways to grow and retain customers, particularly in this economy, because it helps us maximize the existing investment in employees, who can cost-effectively become our ‘marketing army.’

- Randy Sampson, President and CEO, CanterburyPark

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