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“Dan’s unique insights into business and building a strong connection with consumers
are of great value. I highly recommend him.” - Al Prentice, Professor at Bethel University’s Graduate School
your people are your brand

Dan Day Demonstrates How Your Culture Becomes Your Brand

Hire Dan Day, Speaker
'A brand isn’t an ad, building or logo. It’s built
by people! All the advertising and marketing
you do is at the mercy of your employees.’
- Dan Day

Strong brands are built by consistent delivery of the brand promise through the actions of every person in your organization. Dan Day helps your people build your brand, from the inside out.

A corporate speaker and branding consultant, Dan helps your organization combine marketing and customer service into a powerful system that drives profit, productivity, employee engagement and customer engagement.

His presentations help you maximize the value that people bring to your brand. He brings original ideas on linking brands to business owners, leaders, employees and customers.
Today, Dan helps companies through speaking and consulting on his "Brandtender" approach to business. He has been a featured presenter at events, universities and companies of all sizes.


Keynote Topics

'Everything You Say & Do is a Commercial for Your Brand!'
Dan will take you on a journey from legendary brands to the most important brand in the world: you. Discover how to craft a Brand Statement for yourself or your team and communicate that message in your own style. Learn how to adapt to other people’s styles, as well as different generations and cultures, to create engagement that delivers results by making sure your brand stands out.

We’re continually battling the perception vs. reality of our roles, on the job and in life! What’s your personal or professional “brand” and how do you strengthen it?


  • Learn what makes the best brands in the world so strong
  • Learn the three dimensions of building a brand
  • Learn how your brand syncs with your organization’s brand
  • Learn to communicate your value during interactions with others

"Thanks for taking the time to speak with us at the cable conference—your message resonated well with all of us!" Monica Kumar, Account Executive, Disney and ESPN Media Networks


'Communicate with STYLE!'
Our observable behaviors are how others judge us: are we animated, rushed, quiet? How you behave has a direct impact on your interactions with others and your success in the workplace.

Build better relationships by identifying the preferences of others and modifying your behavior to make others more comfortable. Taking these steps increases individual and sales performance, builds stronger interpersonal relationships and enhances all of our communications.


  • Learn to observe “say and do” behaviors in yourself and others
  • Learn how to adapt to others’ communication styles
  • Learn how to become more skilled at influencing others

"My staff left the meeting engaged and ready to make a difference for Crown College."
Mike Price, VP, Enrollment & Marketing, Crown College



'Communicate with STYLE!' Workshop

What communication style are you, and how well do you build relationships with others?

As pre-work to this session, you’ll complete a brief online survey to determine your personal Social Style® and how flexible you are in adapting to others’ needs.

This half-day workshop complements Dan’s “Communicate with STYLE!” keynote, making it a superior breakout session. He shares individual survey results and discusses our behavioral strengths and weaknesses.


  • Learn your Social Style® and how others might view you
  • Learn how Versatility is a key indicator of your success
  • Learn the steps to improving your ability to influence others

"The Port Authority worked with Dan on our Brand Statement. He asked the 'a-ha' questions that eluded those of us who were too close to the subject. For the first time in my 16 years at the Port I watched Board members say, 'yeah, that's it.'"
Myron White, Former Executive Director, Red Wing Port Authority


'Build a Brand Statement' Workshop
A Brand Statement is at the core of your culture, which becomes your brand. How effective is yours?

In this interactive and productive one-day workshop for leaders and executives, Dan helps you build a powerful brand message for your organization. His proven framework ensures that the outcomes from this session will have net positive effects on your business results.

Organizations with "Engaged Workgroups" grow faster, are more profitable and productive, and workers are likely to stay longer. This is Step One in creating an environment where people rally around your mission, increasing engagement, revenues and profits.


  • Learn how to create a brief yet meaningful Brand Statement
  • Learn how to share this statement with your entire organization
  • Learn how to start constructing a more engaged workgroup

"Our marketing plan now includes a 'people' component. Business is growing beyond objectives, thanks in part to Dan's work with us!"
Stephanie Aamodt, VP, Finance & Admin, HM Cragg Co.


'Create Unforgettable Moments of Impression!' Workshop
Strong brands are built by the insistent and consistent sharing of the value you bring to customers—every chance you get.

This half-day workshop examines the Moments of ImpressionsTM your brand has with customers: do they walk away knowing what your organization stands for, and what makes it different from the competition? This is key to creating a brand that builds customer and employee engagement.

By conveying your Brand Statement effectively and consistently, your employees can grow your business in ways you never thought possible!


  • Learn how to map out “Moments of Impression” with customers
  • Learn how to maximize the value conveyed during every MOI
  • Learn how to engage employees in making lasting connections with customers to increase revenue and profits


Dan customizes his presentations with stories and pictures of YOUR audience!

Call today 612.419.3789, or email for more information!


Dan Day, member NSA National Speakers Association MemberDan Day, member ESpeakersDan Day, member Nationally Speaking


Looking for a branding speaker, corporate speaker or employee engagement speaker? Dan Day helps your people build your brand, from the inside out, with expertise including Customer Service, Corporate Branding, Customer Engagement, Employee Engagement, Employee Alignment, Brand-New Marketing Ideas, and Personal Brands.

Speaking topics covered:
Customer Service - Customer Engagement - Employee Alignment
Brand-New Marketing Ideas - Personal Brands


Dan has been a featured presenter at companies of all sizes, at a variety of events.
Here’s what people have to say about Dan and his concept of Brandtenders:

“Tap the power of employees to communicate the nuances of a company's brand to both internal and external customers." - Forbes.com

“Having Dan speak at a leading-edge business seminar was valuable to our associates.
Great material and presentation.” - Larry Davis, President, Allegra Print & Imaging

“I’ve had a number of folks stop by to let me know how much they enjoyed the
opportunity to interact with you. This is key in helping us move ahead!”
- Mary Mortensen, VP, Studio Support, Lifetouch

“The attendees gained insight that will help their companies in the future.”
- Alisha Kitchen, Dakota County Regional C of C

“You've made this process easy and fun!” - Susan Worwa, MLT Vacations

“You did a great job of creating a presentation that kept our group focused. The customer feedback gave everyone a good pat on the back.” - Joy Suchy, JME Companies


Brandtender Marketing by Dan Day
The Book That Turns Marketing Inside-Out

“This concept validates my belief that front-line employees are the most important people we have to build relationships that help customers enjoy their experience. The book outlines employee-customer encounters that go from great (‘Unforgettable’) to disastrous (‘Unforgivable’), a powerful reminder to me how day in and day out, employees are important to the success of any business. We have an employee recognition program tied into the customer experience, and we’re using what we learned from the book to take that initiative a step further. Day explains that no two companies have the same employee dynamic, which provides an ‘unduplicatable differentiation’ from anyone we compete against—if we learn how to leverage it.

“I recommend this book to anyone looking for new ways to grow and retain customers, particularly in this economy, because it helps us maximize the existing investment in employees, who can cost-effectively become our ‘marketing army.’

- Randy Sampson, President and CEO, CanterburyPark

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