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“We’re able to increase our targeted marketing efforts more cost-effectively by being smarter about how we connect with customers.” - Nancy Peterson, CEO, Display Sales Inc.

your people are your brand


How We Help You: Expert Brand Consulting

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Brandtender combines brand expertise, marketing and customer service to increase profit, productivity, and the employee and customer experience.

Our research finds three things
the best brands do well:

  • Help employees understand and become interested in the brand
  • Teach employees how to
    communicate the brand message
  • Trust employees to represent the brand in the marketplace

To help you become a vibrant,
growing brand, we:

An experienced corporate speaker, Dan brings to your culture keynote speeches and workshops designed to ensure leaders and employees understand, are committed to and can communicate your brand message consistently and effectively. This level of employee engagement naturally leads to stronger customer engagement. From there, we continue providing consulting that brings your brand to life through people.

Identify the 'Moments of Impression' employees have with customers. Our Focused Conversations with individuals from various areas of your organization provide a deep understanding of employee engagement in promoting the brand. The strongest brands are built by the actions and interactions of every employee in the company. We're talking about more than simply customer service, which is only part of what you can accomplish with engaged workgroups.

Connect employees to customers, ensuring that every "Moment of Impression" leads to stronger customer service and customer engagement, and that employees are rewarded for their work as Brandtenders. Our consulting helps you maximize the value your employees offer by providing ideas and tools designed to help them strengthen relationships with customers at every opportunity.

As your brand strategy consultants, we'll show you how our ideas translate into sound marketing plans, management training and employee training—all designed to grow your brand, which in turn grows your business. Help you sustain what we've started together, by leveraging and complementing your existing resources.

Searching for ways to grow your business? The answers are all around you—in the form of your employees.


From Brandtender Marketing: True Customer Engagement from the Inside Out:

“Steal marketshare in a down economy by using your “Unduplicatable Differentiation”—your employees. Transform them into Brandtenders to drive more revenue and profit.”

“A spark of opportunity exists every time an encounter is made, and your brand will flourish through consistently positive Moments of Impression.”



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